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Auto Mechanic Schools in Longmont CO

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Looking to jumpstart a career in automotive technology?

Explore the top Auto Mechanic Schools in Longmont CO.

This article highlights the best programs offering hands-on training, certification opportunities, and industry connections to set you on the path to success.

Front Range Community College – Automotive Technology Program

Front Range Community College (FRCC) in Longmont, CO, provides a robust Automotive Technology program. You’ll gain essential skills needed to diagnose, repair, and maintain vehicles.

The program offers two main options:

  • Associate of Applied Science (AAS) Degree: A two-year program that covers a wide range of automotive technology topics, including engines, brakes, steering, suspension, electrical systems, and HVAC systems.
  • Certificates: These are shorter-term options that allow you to specialize in specific areas. Fields include transmission, brakes, electrical systems, and engine performance. You can complete these within one or two semesters.

A standout feature of FRCC’s program is the hands-on experience. You will use state-of-the-art equipment under the guidance of ASE-Certified Master Automotive Technicians, offering practical, real-world training. The program is also accredited by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) Education Foundation, ensuring you get a quality education.

Key Features:

  • Accreditation: The program is ASE-accredited, which ensures the curriculum meets high standards.
  • Experienced Faculty: Learn from ASE-Certified Master Automotive Technicians.
  • Specialized Programs: Choose between a comprehensive degree or specific certifications.
  • Hands-On Training: State-of-the-art equipment and practical experiences are a core focus.

FRCC offers an excellent foundation and specialized paths in automotive technology, perfect for those wanting detailed and practical training.

Mechanic Career Now – Automotive Technology Training Program

Mechanic Career Now provides a flexible and accessible online training program in automotive technology. This Longmont, CO-based online trade school caters to individuals aiming for a quick entry into the automotive industry.

You can complete the program typically within one year, giving you a swift path to employment. The flexibility allows you to pace your learning according to your schedule, making it ideal if you have other commitments.


  • Financial Aid Partnerships: Collaborates with training schools offering financial aid for eligible students.
  • Flexible Learning: Complete coursework at your own pace from home.


  • Practical Experience: As the program is online, you might need to seek additional hands-on experience.

Mechanic Career Now’s flexible, home-based learning approach is a favorable option for those preferring a self-paced schedule while aiming for a career in the automotive field.

Career Elevation and Technology Center – Automotive Technology

Career Elevation and Technology Center in Longmont, CO, offers an extensive Automotive Technology program. This program is geared towards preparing you for various automotive service roles.

Taught by ASE-certified Master Technicians, the education here is top-notch. The curriculum includes:

  • Maintenance and Light Repair
  • Brake Systems
  • Diesel Power Mechanics
  • Engine Performance
  • Automotive HVAC Systems
  • Suspension and Alignment

Students can earn prestigious certifications such as ASE A1-A8 and G1, MACS EPA 609 refrigerant handling, Toyota TECS Elite, Ford ACE, and SP2 Automotive service safety.


  • Hands-On Training: Core to the program, ensuring you gain real-world skills.
  • Certification Opportunities: Various industry-recognized certifications increase employability.
  • Expert Instructors: Learn from ASE-certified Master Technicians.
  • Industry-Relevant Curriculum: Covers all essential areas of automotive technology.

If you’re serious about a comprehensive education in automotive technology, the Career Elevation and Technology Center offers extensive training and credentials that are highly valued in the job market.

St. Vrain Valley School District – Technical Education College Support (TECS) Elite Program

The St. Vrain Valley School District in Longmont, CO, offers the TECS Elite program in partnership with Toyota, designed for high school students keen on automotive careers. This program merges academic education with technical training, enabling students to earn Toyota and Lexus technician training certifications during high school.

Key Features:

  • Integrated Training: Combines regular academic schedules with technical automotive education.
  • Hands-On Experience: Job shadowing and internships at local Toyota and Lexus dealerships.
  • Certified Learning: Certifications include maintenance and advanced diagnostic and repair techniques using state-of-the-art tools.
  • Pioneering Curriculum: Includes two cars, engines, diagnostic tools, and teacher training for effective instruction.

Participation in TECS Elite instills practical skills and provides industry-recognized certifications, making it an excellent option for students aiming to start their automotive careers right out of high school.

Tips for Selecting the Best Auto Mechanic School in Longmont CO

Choosing the right auto mechanic school in Longmont, CO, requires careful consideration of several factors. Here are tips to help you make an informed decision:

  1. Accreditation
    • Look for programs accredited by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE).
    • Accreditation ensures high educational standards.
  2. Curriculum
    • Choose a curriculum that balances theoretical knowledge and hands-on training.
    • Critical topics include engines, brakes, electrical systems, and HVAC systems.
  3. Facilities
    • Opt for schools with modern, well-equipped facilities.
    • Updated tools and equipment enhance practical learning.
  4. Faculty Experience
    • Qualified instructors with industry experience add value.
    • Look for ASE-certified Master Technicians as faculty members.
  5. Job Placement Rates
    • Research the program’s job placement statistics.
    • Schools with strong local business partnerships can provide better job opportunities.
  6. Cost
    • Consider tuition, fees, and additional expenses for tools and materials.
    • Check for financial aid options, scholarships, or payment plans available.

By weighing these essentials, you can select the best auto mechanic school tailored to your career goals.

Conclusion: Choosing the Right Auto Mechanic School for You

Each auto mechanic school in Longmont, CO, offers unique advantages tailored to different needs. Whether you prefer the hands-on approach at Front Range Community College, the flexibility of online learning with Mechanic Career Now, the extensive training at Career Elevation and Technology Center, or the early career start with the TECS Elite program, you have a variety of options to jumpstart your career. By considering these features and making an informed choice, you are well on your way to a successful future in automotive mechanics.