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Auto Mechanic Schools in Boulder CO

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Looking to start a career in auto mechanics in Boulder, CO?

We’ve handpicked the top auto mechanic schools in Boulder, CO, to help you make the right choice.

This article covers the best programs, unique features, and what makes each school a standout option for aspiring mechanics.

Front Range Community College – Automotive Technology Program

Front Range Community College

Front Range Community College’s Automotive Technology program offers multiple educational paths tailored for future auto mechanics. With this program, you get not only a two-year Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree, but also nine shorter-term certificates. These certificates allow you to specialize in crucial areas of automotive technology such as:

  • Transmissions: Gain in-depth knowledge of vehicle transmission systems.
  • Brakes: Master the techniques for maintaining and repairing brake systems.
  • Electrical Systems: Learn about the complexities of automotive electrical systems.
  • Suspension and Steering: Understand how to manage suspension and steering systems effectively.

Instructors here are ASE-Certified Master Automotive Technicians, ensuring you receive mentorship from seasoned experts. The curriculum covers vital topics like:

  • Engines and Drive Trains
  • Brakes and Alignment
  • Steering Suspension
  • Electricity and Electronic Systems
  • HVAC Systems
  • Fuel, Ignition, and Emission Control Systems

The AAS degree spans 70 credits across four semesters, while the certificate programs range from 7 to 16 credits. The program is proudly accredited with Master Automobile Service Technology from the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) Education Foundation. This recognition assures you are getting a top-tier education that meets national standards.

Check out more details on the Front Range Community College’s Automotive Technology Program to start your automotive career journey.

Mechanic Career Now – Automotive Technology Training Program

Mechanic Career Now in Boulder, CO, offers a compelling pathway for those aiming to quickly enter the automotive industry. Their Automotive Technology Training Program spans about one year, focusing on equipping you with the fundamentals necessary to diagnose and repair mechanical and aesthetic automobile problems.

Some of the standout features of this program include:

  • Financial Aid: Available for qualified students, making education accessible to many.
  • Online Courses: Offering flexible learning options for busy schedules.
  • Hands-On Training: Emphasizing practical skills by working with actual vehicles.

The on-campus facilities located in Boulder make it convenient for those in the area, and the staff consists of experienced instructors who specialize in current industry practices. This focus on real-world skills ensures you are prepared for the workforce.

Learn more about how you can start your career with Mechanic Career Now’s Automotive Technology Training Program.

Boulder TEC – Automotive Service Program

Boulder TEC

At Boulder TEC, the Automotive Service Program brings you a practical, hands-on experience vital for becoming a skilled auto mechanic. This one-year program is designed to deliver a thorough understanding of both mechanical and electrical automotive systems.

Key learning areas in the program include:

  • Electrical Systems
  • Engine Performance
  • Suspension and Steering
  • Brakes
  • Manual Drive Train

The curriculum also focuses on diagnostic skills, essential for accurately identifying and solving engine problems. Additionally, internship opportunities offer real-world experience that enhances your learning.

Students here particularly benefit from:

  • $150 Annual Fee: Covers all shop uniforms, tools, and materials.
  • 20 BVSD High School Credits: Including five credits each in math and communications.
  • Seven ICAR Industry Certifications: Required for graduation, adding value to your resume.

All these advantages make Boulder TEC’s program a terrific investment for your career in the automotive industry.

Start your journey by learning more about the Boulder TEC – Automotive Service Program.

Arapahoe Community College – Automotive Service Technology

Arapahoe Community College offers an exceptional Automotive Service Technology program specifically designed to train you for a professional career in automotive services. Accredited by the ASE Education Foundation, this program equips you for ASE certification exams, which are crucial credentials in the automotive industry.

This two-year program offers various specialized tracks such as:

  • ATEC: Specialized automotive technology training.
  • ASEP: Focuses on automotive service educational programs.
  • CAP: Manufacturer-specific apprenticeship opportunities.
  • NTTA: Regional and national technical training.
  • PACT: Honda’s Professional Automotive Career Training.
  • Subaru University: Subaru’s exclusive automotive training pathway.

For those looking for entry-level skills, an Automotive Maintenance and Light Repair certificate is available. The curriculum balances classroom instruction with hands-on training. One requirement is that you must be employed in the automotive field during your studies, integrating real-world experience with academic learning.

Emphasizing gender diversity, the program supports female service writers, encouraging more women to enter this traditionally male-dominated field. However, starting and maintaining your position requires a clean motor vehicle record and a valid driver’s license. To ensure you’re career-ready, graduates benefit from extensive career placement support and employment verification surveys conducted six months post-graduation.

Explore the numerous advantages of the Arapahoe Community College – Automotive Service Technology program today and step confidently into your automotive career.

Lincoln Tech – Automotive Technology Program

At Lincoln Tech in Denver, a short drive from Boulder, you’ll find a premier Automotive Technology program tailored to meet industry standards. The program boasts ASE-certified instructors and state-of-the-art facilities including:

  • 60 bays and 18 lifts for practical training.
  • Mustang and SuperFlow Engine dynos for comprehensive engine work.
  • The Chrysler Mopar Career Automotive Program (CAP) for brand-specific training.

Another unique feature is the option to pursue an Associate of Occupational Science Degree in Automotive Service Management Technology. This allows you to transition from technician to management roles within the automotive industry.

As an ASE-certified training provider, Lincoln Tech ensures you receive top-quality education designed to meet industry demands. Before enrolling, consider the tuition fees, instructional hours, and specific program requirements.

Learn more about the opportunities at Lincoln Tech’s Automotive Technology Program and elevate your mechanic skills today.

Tips for Choosing the Best Auto Mechanic School in Boulder CO

Choosing the right auto mechanic school in Boulder, CO, requires careful consideration of several factors to ensure it aligns with your career goals and educational needs.


Accreditation is essential. Look for schools accredited by organizations such as the ASE Education Foundation, which ensures that the program meets high educational standards.

Hands-On Training

Hands-on training opportunities are crucial for developing practical skills. Schools with modern facilities that offer extensive laboratory work provide a significant advantage.

Job Placement Rates

The job placement rate of a school indicates how successful they are in helping graduates find employment. This is a key metric to consider.

Costs and Financial Aid

Evaluate the cost of tuition and additional expenses like tools and materials. Check if the school offers financial aid options to help manage these costs.


Flexibility can be vital. If you have other commitments, consider if the school offers part-time, evening, or online courses to fit your schedule.

Campus Visit

Plan a campus visit. Getting a feel for the environment and speaking with instructors and current students can provide invaluable insights into the program’s suitability for you.


Your journey to becoming a skilled auto mechanic in Boulder, CO, starts with choosing the right educational program. Whether you opt for the comprehensive offerings at Front Range Community College, the focused and flexible training from Mechanic Career Now, the hands-on experience at Boulder TEC, the specialized tracks at Arapahoe Community College, or the state-of-the-art facilities at Lincoln Tech, you are taking an important first step towards a rewarding career.

Evaluate your options, consider your needs, and choose the school that best aligns with your career goals.

Embark on your path today and become a part of the ever-evolving field of automotive technology.