Auto Mechanic Schools in Wichita Falls TX

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Looking to jumpstart your career as an auto mechanic in Wichita Falls, TX?

In this article, we’ll explore the top auto mechanic schools in Wichita Falls, TX.

From hands-on training programs to valuable qualifications, these institutions offer everything you need to succeed in the automotive industry.

Vernon College – Automotive Technology

Vernon College in Wichita Falls, TX, offers an Automotive Technology program that equips you with extensive training in automotive repair and maintenance. This program sets the stage for entry-level positions in the automotive industry.

Here, experienced instructors guide you through both hands-on training and theoretical lessons in areas such as:

  • Engine Repair: Gain skills in diagnosing and fixing various engine issues.
  • Electrical Systems: Learn to troubleshoot and repair automotive electrical components.
  • Brakes: Understand the mechanics of braking systems and how to keep them in top condition.
  • Suspension: Get proficient in maintaining and repairing vehicle suspension systems.

The program features flexible scheduling options with day and evening classes, ensuring it fits your varied needs. It includes classroom instruction and practical experience in a well-equipped lab.

A standout feature of Vernon College’s program is its internship component. This element provides real-world, on-the-job experience, making you well-prepared for the demands of the industry.

The institution also maintains affordable tuition and fees, adding to its appeal as a cost-effective educational option. With a dedicated faculty focused on student success, Vernon College holds a strong reputation in Wichita Falls for its commitment to quality education.

Be sure to contact the college early to learn about admission requirements, as program enrollment may be limited. Vernon College’s Automotive Technology program thus offers an ideal mix of practical and theoretical training, flexible scheduling, and affordability.

Mechanic Career Now – Automotive Technology Training Programs

For a well-rounded approach to automotive training, Mechanic Career Now in Wichita Falls, TX, offers top-notch automotive technology training programs. These programs are designed to prepare you for a successful career as an auto mechanic.

The focus here is broad, covering both mechanical and aesthetic vehicle issues. Over the course of a year, you will learn to diagnose and repair various automotive problems. This program partners with local trade schools and technical colleges, enhancing your training experience.

Key aspects of the program include:

  • Multiple Career Paths: Including diesel, marine, motorcycle, aircraft, industrial, maintenance, and wind turbine mechanics.
  • Financial Aid Options: Available to make the program accessible regardless of your financial background.
  • Flexible Hours: Allowing you to balance your education with other commitments.

This variety caters to different interests within the mechanic industry, providing you with options to specialize in areas that most appeal to you.

Mechanic Career Now also prepares you for various certifications, ensuring you meet industry standards. The comprehensive nature of this program ultimately opens doors to multiple mechanic careers, making it an excellent choice for aspiring auto mechanics in Wichita Falls.

Vernon College – Automotive Technology Program

At Vernon College, the Automotive Technology program provides thorough preparation for those entering the automotive repair field. Situated in Wichita Falls, TX, this program offers a strong foundation in modern vehicle repair science and technology.

Today’s vehicles contain over 300 computers that play crucial roles in their functionality. Vernon College’s curriculum addresses this complexity by training you in:

  • Diagnosing and Repairing Electrical Systems: With hands-on use of diagnostic equipment.
  • Brakes and Suspension Systems: Both manual and electronic systems are covered comprehensively.
  • Heating and Air Conditioning Systems: Including both traditional and advanced electronic components.
  • Engine Performance: Training in the latest engine performance diagnostic technologies.

The career paths available to graduates are diverse, including positions such as:

  1. Master Technician
  2. Lube Technician
  3. Line Technician
  4. Tire Technician
  5. Parts/Sales
  6. Brake Technician
  7. Alignment Technician
  8. Audio-Visual Installer
  9. Tune-Up Technician
  10. Service Advisor

Vernon College emphasizes high-quality instruction that fosters student success. Their core values, such as accountability, diversity, and commitment to quality, shine through in their educational offerings. With flexible scheduling and affordable tuition, Vernon College’s Automotive Technology program is an excellent choice for those aspiring to join the automotive industry in Wichita Falls.

Vernon College – Automotive Technology Program (General Catalog)

The Vernon College Automotive Technology program in Wichita Falls, TX, encompasses career-focused preparation. The program blends classroom learning with practical application, ensuring you gain a robust understanding of automotive systems.

The curriculum covers:

  • Brakes: Training you on different braking systems, enhancing your problem-solving skills.
  • Electrical/Electronic Systems: Both basic and advanced concepts are taught to ensure you’re ready for modern automotive challenges.
  • High-Performance Engines: Special training on high-performance engines, providing specialized skills highly prized in the industry.
  • Suspension and Steering: Offering in-depth knowledge crucial for vehicle maintenance.
  • Heating and Air Conditioning: Emphasizing both manual and electronic systems to make you versatile.

An exemplary feature of this program is its hands-on experience. This element lets you apply theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios by working directly on vehicles.

Safety is a top priority, with the program ensuring adherence to industry standards and regulations. This comprehensive training builds robust problem-solving skills, essential for tackling complex automotive issues.

Check the college’s website for current information on tuition, fees, and schedules. By offering a blend of broad-based and specialized training, Vernon College’s program stands out in preparing students for successful automotive careers.

By understanding the unique advantages each auto mechanic school in Wichita Falls, TX offers, you can make an informed decision that aligns with your career aspirations. Each institution provides valuable opportunities to hone your skills and prepare for a dynamic career in the automotive industry.

Wichita Falls Career Education Center (CEC) – Automotive Program

The Wichita Falls Career Education Center (CEC) offers an automotive program tailored for high school students. This program integrates modern facilities with real-world experiences to ensure students are not only prepared for entry-level jobs but also higher education in the automotive field.

Why Choose Wichita Falls Career Education Center (CEC)?

  • State-of-the-Art Facility: Benefit from cutting-edge tools and equipment.
  • Hands-On Experience: Engage in practical training through various partnerships with local community entities.
  • ASE Certifications: Earn industry-recognized certifications while still in high school.
  • Special Projects: Participate in initiatives like SEMA’s high school vehicle build program, which involves customizing vehicles and networking with industry professionals.

The program caters to students in grades 10 to 12 and offers both automotive technology and collision programs. With these comprehensive offerings, the CEC is an excellent start for your journey into the automotive industry.

What to Consider When Choosing an Auto Mechanic School

Choosing the right auto mechanic school can significantly impact your career. Here are key factors to consider:

  1. Accreditation: Ensure the program meets industry standards.
  2. Curriculum: Verify that it covers essential areas such as engine repair, electrical systems, brakes, and suspension.
  3. Hands-On Training: Visit the campus if possible to assess the facilities and equipment.
  4. Job Placement Rates: Inquire about career services and industry partnerships.
  5. Cost: Consider tuition and additional fees, and explore financial aid options.
  6. Flexible Scheduling: Check if the school offers day and evening classes to fit your schedule.

Evaluating these aspects will guide you in making an informed decision that aligns with your career goals.

Key Elements to Check

  • Accreditation: Confirm the school’s credentials.
  • Curriculum Depth: It should cover key areas like engine repair, electrical systems, and brakes.
  • Practical Experience: Ensure there are ample hands-on training opportunities.
  • Cost Transparency: Look at tuition fees, additional costs, and potential financial aid.
  • Scheduling Flexibility: Check for day and evening classes.

Understanding these components aids in selecting a program that perfectly aligns with your needs.


Selecting the right auto mechanic school in Wichita Falls, TX, is crucial for your career in the automotive industry. Focus on accredited programs that offer comprehensive curricula, hands-on training, and strong job placement rates. Schools like Vernon College and Mechanic Career Now provide excellent options for those looking to start or advance their automotive careers.

Explore these schools and decide on a program that meets your educational and career goals. With the right training, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a skilled and successful auto mechanic.