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Auto Mechanic Schools in Ontario CA

Not in Ontario? Check out our lists of Auto Mechanic Schools in Oxnard, Palmdale, Pasadena, Pomona, Rancho Cucamonga, Rialto, Richmond, Riverside, Roseville, and across California.

Are you looking to become an automotive expert in Ontario, CA?

Finding the best auto mechanic schools can be a game-changer for your career.

This guide highlights top institutions offering hands-on training, industry-standard certifications, and valuable career support.

Keep reading to discover which school aligns with your goals and sets you on the fast track to success.

Universal Technical Institute – Automotive Technology Program

Universal Technical Institute (UTI) in Rancho Cucamonga, CA, provides an exceptional Automotive Technology Program. This school combines academic rigor with practical skills training to prepare you for a career in automotive technology.

Program Structure

UTI’s Automotive Technology Program is a 51-week curriculum that integrates online instructor-led training with immersive, hands-on lab experience.

  • Online Instructor-Led Training: Engage in flexible, interactive online classes designed by industry professionals.
  • Hands-On Lab Experience: Apply your knowledge in real-world scenarios in UTI’s state-of-the-art labs.

Facilities and Equipment

The Rancho Cucamonga campus spans 147,227 square feet and is equipped with modern classrooms and fully-furnished labs. These facilities mirror industry settings, which enhances learning and job readiness.

Specialized Training and Career Support

UTI offers advanced, manufacturer-paid training for brands that are not part of standard accreditation. Additionally, UTI provides comprehensive support through:

  • Career Advisors: Assistance with job placement and career planning to help you transition smoothly into the workforce.
  • Housing Assistance: Resources to help you find convenient and affordable housing options near the campus.

For more details, visit the Universal Technical Institute website.

Chaffey Adult School – Automotive Vehicle Maintenance and Light Repair

The Chaffey Adult School in Ontario, CA, offers an ASE-certified Automotive Vehicle Maintenance and Light Repair course. This course equips you with foundational skills in automotive service, preparing you for entry-level positions in the industry.

Course Details

The Automotive Vehicle Maintenance and Light Repair course covers:

  • Diagnostic Skills: Learn to diagnose and troubleshoot automotive issues accurately.
  • Repair Techniques: Master the skills needed for efficient vehicle maintenance and light repairs.
  • Tool Usage: Gain proficiency in using hand tools, specialty tools, and diagnostic equipment.

Certification and Career Path

Upon completion, you’ll receive a certificate recognized by industry standards. This certification opens doors to further training and immediate employment opportunities.

Additional Programs

Chaffey Adult School also offers courses in other technical fields such as Computer-Aided Design (CAD) focused on mechanical drafting.

  • Flexible Scheduling: Courses are available at various locations and times to accommodate different lifestyles and commitments.

For more details, visit the Chaffey Adult School website.

Skilled Trades Ontario – Automotive Service Technician Apprenticeship Program

Skilled Trades Ontario offers an insightful Automotive Service Technician Apprenticeship Program that combines extensive on-the-job training with academic learning. This program is your pathway to becoming a proficient automotive service technician.

Program Overview

The program spans four years and includes:

  1. On-the-Job Experience: Complete 6,500 hours of practical training working alongside experienced professionals.
  2. In-School Training: Engage in 720 hours of classroom and lab instruction, focusing on essential areas like engine repair, electrical systems, and transmission services.

Credentials and Certification

Graduates earn a Certificate of Apprenticeship and can take the certifying exam to receive a Certificate of Qualification. This certification is recognized across Canada under the Interprovincial Red Seal Program.

Flexible Learning Options

Skilled Trades Ontario offers multiple delivery methods to suit your schedule, including:

  • Block Release: Intensive training periods that free up the rest of the year for work.
  • Part-Time Schedules: Courses that accommodate working professionals.

For more details, visit the Skilled Trades Ontario website.

By understanding the unique offerings and strengths of these programs, you can select the auto mechanic school in Ontario CA that best aligns with your career aspirations and educational needs.

Trade School Future – Automotive Engine Service and Repair

Trade School Future in Ontario, CA, offers specialized programs to jumpstart your career in the automotive industry. These programs include Automotive Engine Service and Repair, Vehicle Electronic Systems and Technology, and Automotive Climate Control Systems and Repair.

Program Features

This institution focuses on providing a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical skills to ensure you are industry-ready.

  • Comprehensive Curriculum: Covers essential areas like engine diagnostics, electronic systems, and climate control.
  • Hands-On Training: Real-world experience through well-equipped labs and workshops.
  • Experienced Instructors: Learn from seasoned professionals with extensive industry knowledge.

Career Services and Financial Aid

Trade School Future also offers robust career services to help you land a job after graduation.

  • Job Placement Assistance: Dedicated counselors to guide you through the job search process.
  • Competitive Tuition Rates: Affordability is a key focus, with financial aid options available for eligible students.

Visit Trade School Future for more details and to start your journey in automotive technology.

Auto Mechanic Schools in Ontario CA

This section provides a broader look at the available auto mechanic schools in Ontario, CA. Several schools offer accredited programs, diverse curricula, and substantial hands-on training opportunities.

Key Considerations

Look for these crucial factors when choosing an auto mechanic school:

  • Accreditation: Ensure the school is accredited by reputable organizations like NATEF or ASE.
  • Hands-On Training: Practical experience is essential for mastering automotive skills.
  • Financial Aid Options: Check for scholarships, grants, or other financial aid opportunities.
  • Reputation: Research the school’s reputation through reviews and testimonials from former students and industry professionals.
  • Location and Facilities: Convenient location and modern training facilities greatly enhance the learning experience.

Explore a variety of schools to find one that aligns with your career goals. More information is available at Auto Mechanic Schools in California.

What to Consider When Choosing an Auto Mechanic School in Ontario CA

Selecting the right auto mechanic school is a pivotal step in your career journey. Here are the primary factors to consider:

Course Curriculum

Investigate the course offerings to ensure they cover the skills you need:

  1. Core Subjects: Engine repair, diagnostics, electrical systems, and transmissions should be included.
  2. Specialized Training: Look for programs offering specialized training in areas like diesel mechanics, hybrid technology, or advanced diagnostics.

Facilities and Equipment

Evaluate the quality of the training environment:

  1. Modern Labs: State-of-the-art labs simulating real-world settings.
  2. Advanced Tools: Access to the latest diagnostic and repair tools.

Instructor Expertise

Verify the qualifications of the instructors:

  1. Industry Experience: Instructors should have significant experience in the automotive field.
  2. Professional Development: Continuous learning ensures instructors stay current with industry trends.

Job Placement Rates

Review the school’s success in helping graduates find jobs:

  1. High Placement Rates: Indicates robust industry connections.
  2. Career Services: Comprehensive support including resume building, interview preparation, and job search assistance.

Financial Aid Options

Consider the financial aspects:

  1. Scholarships and Grants: Availability of financial aid to help offset tuition costs.
  2. Payment Plans: Flexible payment options to suit different financial situations.

Flexibility in scheduling, including evening or weekend classes, can be crucial if you have other commitments.


In Ontario, CA, you have several excellent options to start your career in automotive technology. Notable institutions like Universal Technical Institute, Chaffey Adult School, Skilled Trades Ontario, and Trade School Future offer comprehensive training programs, career support, and the practical skills you need to succeed.

Visit the provided URLs for more detailed information and take the next step towards a rewarding career in automotive technology.