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Auto Mechanic Schools in Minneapolis MN

Not in Minneapolis? Check out our lists of Auto Mechanic Schools in Rochester, St. Paul, and across Minnesota.

Want to turn your passion for cars into a career?

Choosing the right auto mechanic school is crucial. This article highlights the top Auto Mechanic Schools in Minneapolis MN.

We’ll help you find the best programs for hands-on training, industry credentials, and job placement success.

Hennepin Technical College – Automotive Technology Program

Are you ready to begin a rewarding career in auto mechanics? Hennepin Technical College offers an Automotive Technology Program right in Minneapolis, MN.

Key Advantages:

  • Robust Training: The program covers diagnosis, repair, and preventive maintenance for automobiles and light trucks.
  • Hands-On Experience: Students work with sophisticated diagnostic and repair equipment.
  • Accreditation: Accredited by the ASE Education Foundation and the Higher Learning Commission, ensuring curriculum quality.
  • Experienced Faculty: Instructors have extensive industry experience.
  • Professional Affiliations: Partnerships with the Mobile Air Conditioning Society (MACS) and the North American Council of Automotive Teachers (NACAT).
  • Special Discounts: Access to discounted tool suppliers for students.

With a curriculum designed to meet industry standards and provide practical skills, this program ensures you are well-prepared for a successful automotive career.

Newgate School – Auto Mechanics Training Program

The Newgate School in Minneapolis offers an unparalleled Auto Mechanics Training Program. This unique, tuition-free course focuses on hands-on training by having students repair donated vehicles.

Key Features:

  • Practical Learning: Emphasis on real-world skills by working on actual vehicles.
  • One-Year Duration: Intensive training completed within a year.
  • No Tuition Fees: Aimed at empowering disadvantaged youth for better career opportunities.
  • Job Placement Support: Partnerships with local dealers and shops provide job placement assistance.
  • Community Support: Strong community ties to assist graduates in securing well-paying jobs.

The program’s focus on helping disadvantaged young adults sets it apart, breaking the cycle of low-wage work by providing valuable skills and employment opportunities.

Dakota County Technical College – Automotive Service Technology

Located in Minneapolis, MN, Dakota County Technical College offers an Automotive Service Technology program. This comprehensive program prepares students for varied automotive careers.

Program Highlights:

  • ASE Accreditation: Meets Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) Education Foundation standards.
  • Industry Partnerships: Specialized training through affiliations with brands like Ford, Hyundai, and Toyota.
  • SkillsUSA Participation: Provides leadership development and practical skills.
  • Internship Requirements: Emphasizes real-world experience through internships.
  • Corporate Sponsors: Job placement support via the Annual Corporate Sponsors program.

The program ensures you receive industry-standard education and hands-on practice, equipping you for a strong career in the automotive industry.

Anoka Technical College – Automotive Technician Associate of Applied Science (AAS) Degree Program

Anoka Technical College features an Automotive Technician AAS program, offering a comprehensive curriculum spread over 72 credits.

Core Benefits:

  • Hands-On Training: 75% of the time is dedicated to lab work.
  • Comprehensive Curriculum: Coverage of diverse automotive systems and specialized repair areas.
  • State-of-the-Art Labs: Modern facilities equipped with advanced diagnostic tools.
  • Internships: Provides supervised internships for real-world experience.
  • Job Readiness: High demand for graduates due to industry needs.

Accredited by the ASE Education Foundation, this program offers extensive practical training and job readiness, making it an attractive choice for aspiring auto mechanics.

Minnesota State Community and Technical College – Automotive Service Technology

The Minnesota State Community and Technical College offers an Automotive Service Technology program designed to provide a strong educational foundation.

Key Details:

  • Accreditation: Instructors are NATEF- and ASE-certified.
  • Diverse Offerings: Available as both an AAS degree and a diploma.
  • Modern Facilities: Training in a state-of-the-art Transportation Center.
  • Comprehensive Focus: Covers vehicle operating systems with emphasis on diagnostic skills.
  • High Demand for Graduates: Strong industry need for certified professionals.

This program offers high-quality education and hands-on training, ensuring you gain the skills needed for a successful career.

MSC Southeast – Automotive Technology

MSC Southeast in Winona, MN offers an Automotive Technology program that provides flexible options to suit your needs.

Program Offerings:

  • Diploma and Certificate Options: A 2-year, 55-credit diploma and a 17-credit certificate.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: Focuses on all critical automotive technology areas.
  • Flexible Scheduling: Allows for part-time work while studying.
  • Related Courses: Offers courses in Auto Body Collision Technology and Truck Driving.
  • High-Demand Program: Spaces filled through June 2024 indicate program popularity.

MSC Southeast’s program provides both flexibility and extensive training, making it an excellent choice for your automotive career.

Saint Paul College – Automotive Service Technician Program

Enhancing your skills is essential for a successful career in auto mechanics. Saint Paul College offers an Automotive Service Technician program that prioritizes hands-on training in a state-of-the-art setting. This program prepares you with practical, real-world skills necessary for modern automotive work.

Key Highlights:

  • Extensive Hands-On Training: Students gain experience using advanced diagnostic tools to repair and maintain various automotive systems.
  • Flexible Education Paths: Offers both Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree and diploma options.
  • Diverse Curriculum: Covers critical systems such as electrical, engines, suspension, and transmission.
  • Facility Access: Virtual tours available for prospective students to explore the training environment.
  • Career Preparation: Emphasizes real-world experience, critical thinking, and readiness for employment in dealerships or repair shops.

Saint Paul College’s program is designed to ensure you have the skills and knowledge to thrive in the automotive industry. Explore more about the program here.

Minnesota North College – Automotive Technician Program

Minnesota North College in Hibbing has an impressive reputation for its Automotive Technician program. The program is recognized for meeting high educational standards and providing significant hands-on experience.

Program Features:

  • Master Automobile Service Technician (MAST) Level Accreditation: Endorsed by the ASE, ensuring top-tier training quality.
  • Integrated Learning Approach: Combines classroom instruction with practical application, satisfying one year of occupational experience for ASE certification tests.
  • Award-Winning Instruction: Named “Exemplary College Program of the Year” in 2021, led by highly experienced, ASE-certified instructors.
  • ASE Certification Tests: Encourages students to undertake ASE Student Certification tests during the course.
  • Employment Opportunities: Graduates enjoy excellent job prospects across dealerships and independent repair facilities.

This program at Minnesota North College provides thorough training with significant industry credibility. Learn more about the program here.

Minnesota State University, Mankato – Automotive Engineering Technology

Minnesota State University, Mankato offers an Automotive Engineering Technology program, which is ideal for those looking to engage in product research, design, development, and manufacturing within the automotive industry.

Advantages of the Program:

  • Diverse Degree Options: Offers Bachelor of Science (BS) and Master of Science (MS) degrees.
  • ABET Accreditation: Ensures a high-quality educational experience, combining engineering knowledge with technical skills.
  • Global Competitiveness: Prepares graduates to be competitive in both original equipment and aftermarket domains.
  • Established Program: Has a long-standing history since 1988, with a proven track record of student success.
  • Flexible Learning: Available both on-campus and online, with ample resources and support services.

This program ensures you are prepared for a broad range of career opportunities in the automotive field. Discover more about the Automotive Engineering Technology program here.

Mechanic Career Now – Automotive Technology Training Program

The Mechanic Career Now program in Minneapolis, MN offers an Automotive Technology Training program designed to provide essential skills for immediate workforce entry.

Key Features:

  • Quick Completion: Most programs are designed to be completed in roughly a year.
  • Partnerships for Financial Aid: Collaborates with schools to offer financial aid for eligible students.
  • Practical Training Emphasis: Focuses on hands-on, practical training to develop diagnostic and repair skills.
  • Career-Focused: Prepares students for various roles in automotive services.

Mechanic Career Now aims to swiftly and effectively launch your career in the auto mechanic industry. Find more information about the program here.

What to Look for in an Auto Mechanic School

Choosing an auto mechanic school involves several crucial factors. Here’s what you should consider to make an informed decision:

  1. Accreditation: Ensure the program is accredited by reputable organizations like ASE Education Foundation. Accreditation guarantees that the program meets industry standards.
  2. Hands-On Training Opportunities: Programs that emphasize practical, hands-on experience are invaluable. Working with real vehicles and diagnostic tools prepares you for real-world challenges.
  3. Program Length: Auto mechanic training programs can range from short-term certificates to associate degrees. Choose one that fits your timeframe and career goals.
  4. Job Placement Rates: Programs with high job placement rates demonstrate their efficacy in preparing students for immediate employment.
  5. Industry Partnerships and Affiliations: Connections with automotive brands and local repair shops can lead to internships, apprenticeships, and job placement opportunities.
  6. Cost and Financial Aid: Evaluate the program’s cost and availability of financial aid to manage expenses effectively.
  7. Student Resources: Look for schools that offer resources like tutoring, mentorship programs, and career counseling to support your educational journey.

Conclusion: Take the Wheel of Your Future

Choosing the right auto mechanic school is an essential step towards a successful career in automotive repair and maintenance. With the information on these top Auto Mechanic Schools in Minneapolis MN, you are better prepared to make an educated decision. Explore the programs, consider your career goals, and take the first step toward your future in the automotive industry. Your journey to becoming a skilled auto mechanic starts now!